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Julia and Scott have this incredible ability to make everyone around them feel welcome and special. It was something we experienced the first time we met in which we laughed as we reminded ourselves that we had only just met. Even something as involved as a weekend of wedding related events did not deter these two from being present and sharing

themselves completely with each other and all those who came to celebrate. We are certainthey posses everything they need to create a lifetime of happiness for themselves andall those who are privileged enough to be a part of their world.

Liza and Justin's wonderful energy, extraordinary kindness, respect and passion for life and each other makes them a winning combination. Justin is a true gentleman making him the perfect compliment to Liza's charisma and genuine disposition. Together they have a huge appetite for traveling the world and thrill for adventure.

The wedding day on the Alan Farm was truly sensational. We will never forget that long walk Liza took with her Dad before he gave her hand to Justin. It was very emotional for everyone present. We are so grateful that through this experience we have gotten to know you and shared this incredible moment in time together. Wishing you a life of happiness and friendship. Thank you for trusting us with something as meaningful as your wedding.

  • Boston Wedding Films

From what began as two strangers who’s first FaceTime conversation seemed to last for hours to their amazing wedding day, Mio & Matt have had a wonderful and natural warmth and passion for each other. And Mio's father had some great advice from his experience, for them to communicate well and keep learning from each other's strength. We wish them

the best in their bright future together!

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