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It was magnificent to have experienced the warmth, beauty and feeling of joy during Megan & Nathanial’s wedding, which so naturally unfolded in the backyard of their family home.

The weekend of wedding events illustrated perfectly the genuine friendships and family this couple has in their lives. These two share an incredible ability to live in the moment. Thank you for bringing us into your family and we wish

you all the best in your future together.

Thank you for entrusting us with something as meaningful as your wedding.

  • Writer's pictureBoston Wedding Films

It was clear from when we first met Kari and Patrick that these two were kindred souls. The kindness and caring they show each other as well as to others is truly inspiring. We loved seeing the connection they have with their family and friends and completely agree when Patrick said their wedding day was the best day of their far!

  • Writer's pictureBoston Wedding Films

Jillian and Adam’s wedding brought such a wonderful sense of warmness, just as we experienced when we had the pleasure of filming Jillian’s sister Jenna two years ago. It warmed our hearts to hear their stories: of Jillian who calls her father every morning on the way to work; and of Adam who made a point to discuss with her parents his intentions for

marriage before he proposed. The importance of family transcends the core of their relationship, and we have no doubt they will have a great future together.

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