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Friends and family traveled far and wide to celebrate a weekend of wedding festivities with Sarah & Matt on the beautiful coastline of Maine. It was such an honor to capture all of the wonderful moments you created and we are so excited for your future together. I think Peter, their officiant said it best, "The world is simply a better and more joyful place because the two of you have found each other."

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After spending time with Lily and Steve and their family and friends, it is no wonder they were true high school sweethearts. The natural affection they show each other, as well as those around them, is inspiring. We wish them the best and know they will have an amazing future together!

For us to be a part of this second celebration for the Tower family was not only an honor but a pleasure. It is no wonder that Becca and Dan were so amazing to work with, it is a testament to who they are and the families who raised them. They made us feel incredibly welcomed to be there with those who are important to them.

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