It seemed clear from their college days that Qian Qian and Sam were meant for each other. The partnership they formed early on provided the solid foundation they have today. And the thoughtfulness and caring they have for the other balances well with the playfulness between them.

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From the moment we first met Elizabeth & Jack, we knew we were going to have a lot of fun on their wedding day. Elizabeth's outgoing personality and positive energy is the perfect complement to Jack's grounded and adventurous spirit. We truly wish you both a lifelong journey filled with love, happiness and adventure.

Maggie and Kelsey have a connection that is felt by everyone who walks into their lives. Maggie's sincerity and calm demeanor is the perfect complement to Kelsey's fun-loving and confident attitude. It's no doubt that they were meant to be. Their wedding took place in one of the most beautiful locations on earth, Marthas Vineyard at the Seven Gates. Seeing the happiness in everyone's faces as they were announced a married couple was truly an emotional and heartfelt experience we all will cherish.