The wedding planning experience is a new exciting journey driven by emotion, vision, and expectations (some self-made and some impacted by others). Because we provide our clients with an amazing experience we earn the trust that allows us to produce compelling films. We encourage you to share as much about yourself, what is important to you and your family, and why you find a connection to BWF.

We are BIG on planning. The moment you decide that we are among your “must haves”, the process of gathering information about you and all the wonderful people and elements you have chosen to include in this day begins. Being prepared allows us to naturally accommodate the many moving parts that make wedding films so unique and gratifying for us.

From the moment we first speak with you, to the “moment we’ve all been waiting for”, we greet you with the same wonderful respect and appreciation you deserve. We feel incredibly privileged to join together and work alongside the talented professionals you have hand selected for your wedding. From working out wonderful locations with your photographer to organizing with your planner, we take great pride in our appreciation for our colleagues, their crafts and do all we can to help in any way. After all it is your wedding and we are all there for the same purpose, as a cohesive team, to ensure you receive all the wonderful elements you worked so hard to bring to this incredible day.


We understand how much of a time, emotional and financial investment your wedding will be and are committed to its preservation. Before you determine your comfort in budgeting for us it is important to consider the incredible value your film will bring. It holds all the visual experiences and is the soundtrack of your wedding. It brings clarity to a day that feels like a blur and remains a priceless investment for generations to come. It is truly an investment.

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