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The Attraction of the Supermoon

Location: Cape Cod


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Avery & Tommy – The Attraction of the Supermoon
The Supermoon is when the earth and the full moon are the closest they can be together. So when we learned of this celestial event coinciding with Avery and Tommy’s wedding, we knew it had great meaning. Avery and Tommy have been together since their early days at Bates College, and their attraction and bond has grown stronger over the years. It all started with that first casual meeting at a party, then to Tommy’s “randomly planned” meeting during classes, to the first date where they amazingly wore the same type of outfit — certainly this must be destiny that brought them together over six years later under the moonlit sky. Surrounded by the beauty of the harbor at Woods Hole, the warmth of family and friends, and the glow of the full moon, it was truly a magical night.

Avery & Tommy
It was an honor to have been a part of this celebration and to see the love, joy and kindness surrounding you. Thank you for your trust in our team!

Jim, Jason, Dorian, Mike, Whit

With Gratitude,
Planning: The Pink Polka Dot
Photography: Bello Photography
Venue: Private Residence, Woods Hole, Cape Cod
Entertainment: Sultans of Swing
Lighting: Ormonde Productions
Makeup: Emma Josselyn
Florist: Courtney’s Floral Creations

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Eight Years in the Making, Baby

Location: Cape Cod


Meredith & Melanie – Chatham Bars Inn, Cape Cod
When Meredith and Melanie first met they felt an instant spark that was strong enough to carry and guide them for the journey ahead. Their relationship began eight years ago and although they parted along the way, they were reunited through a chance meeting some time later proving that not only can love be rekindled but can grow into a wonderful partnership, a family, and now a marriage. They are truly soul-mates, and it’s so evident when seeing them together. Melanie shows such tenderness when with Meredith and together they bring out the playfulness between the two of them. Sometimes it takes many years to find the best part of yourself in another. For these two, eight years is just the beginning of many years to come.

We are honored to have been a part of this celebration.
Jim, Jason, Dorian & Mike

With Gratitude
A special thanks to all the incredible and dear friends we had the honor of working with to make this an amazing day:

Photography – Leah Haydock Photography
Planner – Hopple Popple
Venue – Chatham Bars Inn
Music – Jason Fioto
Lighting – Suzanne B. Lowell Lighting Design
Florist – Columbine Floral Design

(Video thumbnail photo used by kind permission, Leah Haydock Photography).

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I Wish For Love

Location: Cape Cod


Alicia & Greg – Chatham, MA
As the Star Festival took place in Japan, Alicia and Greg stood on the other side of the globe on the shoreline in Chatham to start a new point in their life and celebrate their marriage. Their passion for art, family, travel and simple appreciation for experiencing the very best life has to offer is the foundation of the great love.

To our Bride and Groom:
From our first conversation getting to know you it was so clear how much being together and respecting each other meant to you. You share incredible values and and seem to naturally connect on so many fronts. As you walked besides each other on your wedding day experiencing all those endering qualities felt like dejavu.

To say we apprecaite your trust, respect and allowing us this incredible honor would be an understatement. As you embark on this new journey, may you continue to enjoy the adventures that first brought you together.

With Gratitude
A special thanks to all the incredibly talented people and dear friends we had the pleasure and honor of working along side who helped make this day so amazing:

Wedding Planning – Elegant Engagements
Photography – Ralph Alswang
Reception Venue – Chatham Bars Inn
Hair – Stacey Kuehn
Makeup – Katrina Hess
Ceremony Music – International String Trio
Reception Band – Sultans of Swing
Party Rentals – Be Our Guest Rentals
Florist – Lilacs Florals

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