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A Winning Team

Location: Boston


Dana and Garhett

Much like the Patriots, which they both love, Dana and Garhett are a winning combination. With Dana’s charming sense of humor and Garhett’s incredible integrety and character, they make a great team. Their strength together allowed them to focus past challenges using their genuine love for family, friends, and each other. We wish them the very best in the years to come.

Thanks to our friends:
Planner:  Hopple Popple
Photographer :  Person+Killian
Venue :  Four Seasons Boston
Band :  Hip Pocket
Makeup :  Stacey Frasca

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A Life Long Match

Location: Boston


Elise and Chris

It’s hard to explain that feeling of ‘knowing’ when someone has met their match, but to Elise and Chris’s family and friends, there was no question about it. Elise and Chris have a wonderful energy and love for each other, it’s no wonder they were surrounded by such enthusiastic family and friends at their incredible wedding. It has been a true pleasure getting to know this amazing couple and to share in their celebration.

Thanks to our friends:
Planner:  Mindy at AE Events
Photography:  Kate McElwee
Prep Location:  Ames Hotel Boston
Reception Location:  State Room
Entertainment:  Splash

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Naturally Uplifting

Location: Boston


Jenna and Daniel

The positive and loving energy we felt by Jenna and Daniel was evident when we first met them and which remained constant throughout their incredible day. We were inspired by their family and friends who matched their amazing energy, propelling them toward their wonderful future together.

Thanks to our friends:
Venue:  Four Seasons Boston
Planning: Siagel Productions
Photography:  Eric McCallister
Band:  District 21

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