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Many of BWF’s clients have noted when they watch our films of other couples, who they don’t even know, they relate to them on an emotional level. And it is this deep connection established long before the wedding arrives that sets BWF apart.

BWF has been the company of choice for those who long for an amazing experience and recognize the incredible value in the investment of having a compelling film. Jason’s commitment to his vision and clients has enabled BWF to bring about a wonderful and positive change of perspective for such an important opportunity for preservation. BWF continues to thrive, expand, and attract team members, who like Jason choose to spend their careers focused on something as wonderful as one’s wedding. Welcome to Boston Wedding Films.

– Jason, Founder

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Meet The Team

  • Jason

    Like many, for Jason and his wife the week of September 11, 2001 will forever be a time that changed perspective about the world we live in. They were just about one month shy of welcoming their first born and in deep question with their decision to bring new life into a world of such uncertainty. It was that very weekend that Jason was asked to film someone's wedding, something he had never done or thought of doing. This was the beginning of an amazing transformation from feelings of hopelessness to being enthralled in the notion of focusing on something as wonderful and positive as someone’s wedding.

    It was love at first sight and he set out to gain as much experience as he could. After a year or so of freelancing for other studios he learned so much about weddings, their uniqueness and his longing and ability to cultivate and establish lasting relationships. He saw an incredible opportunity to work through some of the feelings and misunderstandings associated with having one's wedding filmed that deterred clients from understanding its potential and investing in this incredible keepsake. And so his commitment to this vision began, and Boston Wedding Films (BWF) was born. He worked endlessly to help clients understand the incredible value of having amazing images and audio tracks and that their comfort and experience should be just as wonderful.

    In just a few years Jason reached a pivotal point with increased demand for BWF. He made the decision to expand and create a company of talented and dedicated individuals that share these common values. “I am incredibly fortunate to surround myself and build a company with others who have served as mentors to me over the years,” said Jason. Today he has transitioned his focus from producing films to managing the business and working closely with the team and clients to ensure the incredible brand associated with BWF remains. Although BWF has experienced an incredible evolution since its beginning, our perspective when clients express their unexpected thrill and gratitude remains the same. “After all it is their wedding. They deserve nothing less.”

  • Jim

    As a teenager, Jim was always creatively exploring with his camera, photographing school activities, even developing photographs in his homemade darkroom. His father had a super-8 movie camera to record family gatherings, so Jim began making short films, and later filmed his own kids and events.

    Although these films were intended for family, they were always edited into stories and not just random clips. When it came time to choose a new career path, this love for filming was a perfect match to what he now loves to do: create wedding films. What started as a simple hobby has now turned into a passion to tell the wedding stories of Boston Wedding Film’s clients.

    When asked about his experience at BWF, Jim said: “It’s such an incredible feeling to be part of a team that really understands the emotions and joys of the wedding day. This helps to make our clients feel relaxed, but it also allows us to create a film that better communicates their story. It’s a great honor to do what I do.”

  • Dorian

    Dorian is a storyteller whose art is driven by passion. He grew up on his parent’s 34 foot sailboat which instilled in him an outlook on life that inspires his approach to filmmaking. His constant desire to travel and keep a fresh perspective enables him to consistently push the boundaries of his art.

    At BWF, he feels he is able to persue this passion of creating beautiful art through cinematic storytelling. His passion for chasing the fleeting moments has been the foundation of how he tells the stories clients have come to love. "What he loves most is the pure joy his films bring to his couples and the ability to make them feel as if they are reliving one of the happiest days of their lives.”

  • Mike

    Capturing imagery and telling stories through film has been a lifelong passion of Michaels. He first picked up his grandfathers Nikon in grade school and hasn’t been without a camera since.

    What started as a passion for creating great photographs transformed into a love of video as his interests grew towards telling a holistic story, rather than simply capturing a single image. Filming weddings has been the perfect marriage for his two passions of capturing the moment and tell the whole story. When asked about his experience at BWF, he said: “Not only do I get to create beautiful imagery but I can use that to tell the story of a couple’s love on one of the most exciting, emotional days of their life.”